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Travis is the owner of The Lawyer’s Receivership Group and serves as its President. He is a receiver, an attorney with the State Bar of Texas, and a real estate agent with the National Association of REALTORS®. Many attorneys, judges, and mediators choose to work with him because of his integrity, experience, credentials, and expertise with receivership matters.
Travis received a Bachelor of Arts from Oklahoma State University and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Houston Law Center, all while maintaining a successful collegiate football career. When he was not on the gridiron or in the classroom, he represented the law school in global negotiation competitions and mediated cases throughout Texas. He also worked full-time for international oil companies and law firms wherein he focused on legal negotiations and client advocacy.
Travis frequently serves as a receiver, expert witness, and counsel for various real estate matters involved in high-profile litigation and a guide for attorneys and mediators who need assistance in determining the value of or how to effectuate the receivership role for real estate matters. He has been named a Super Lawyer and an up-and-coming attorney in the North Texas area.
Travis is originally from Plano, Texas, and moved back after law school to be closer to family. He has three younger siblings who are currently enrolled in PISD and Fishburne Military Academy in Waynesboro, Virginia. Since moving back, he has reintegrated with the local community, whether through his capacity as an attorney, real estate agent, or receiver with the Texas Bar Association, Dallas Bar Association, Dallas Association of Young Lawyers, Collin County Bar Association, and Collin County Young Lawyers Association, or his capacity as a son or brother with PISD programs.
Travis and his wife Rachel have a chocolate lab named Abby and a corgi named Ruthie. Along with his love for his community, he and Rachel love to travel and enjoy any outdoor adventurous activity. Do not ask him to go fishing unless you expect a guide to be booked before you can change your mind.

What is a Receiver?

A receiver is a person appointed by the court to take control of a real property to protect and preserve it. The court's order usually grants the receiver the power to prevent lenders from foreclosing, attaching, garnishing, or sequestering the real property. The receiver is also typically authorized to manage, control, and sell the real property with the court's approval.

The Problem

The receivership process often faces significant challenges, some of which can give rise to concerns of bias. In unfortunate cases where the appointed Receivers lack the necessary knowledge, it can lead to the "obstructive party" being left in the dark as the Receiver primarily communicates with the party instigating the sale. This communication breakdown can result in both parties incurring substantial attorney's fees, an expense they would prefer to avoid.

Additionally, due to the infrequent demand for receiverships, it can be challenging to identify and secure the services of qualified and experienced Receivers. In some cases, unqualified individuals, such as real estate agents, may end up acting as Receivers without the necessary expertise to handle the responsibilities effectively. This further exacerbates the challenges associated with receivership.

The Solution

Receivers that are  Real Estate Agents and Attorneys - Our Receivers are top-tier  Real Estate Agents with specialized experience, training, and in-depth knowledge of the complexities involved in real estate receivership and top-tier Attorneys with a strong history of receivership matters, litigation in both family law, probate law, and business litigation, and a complete understanding of being unbiased. We have the market knowledge, negotiation skills, and problem-solving of the best Real Estate Agents out there and we handle all pleadings, filings, and reports necessary through the closing of the sale and distribution of the proceeds.

Transparency and Reporting: At the Lawyers Receivership Group, we prioritize transparency by offering comprehensive and ongoing reports on the status of the property sale in question is shared with the Court, the Parties involved, and their respective Attorneys.

No Additional Costs: In the majority of cases, we provide our services at no extra cost to either Party, apart from the standard real estate commissions typically associated with real estate transactions. However, if the receiver must perform many obligations outside of the Real Estate Agents role, as shown in the "Charged Fees" and "No Charged Fees", then fees shall begin being incurred.

Standard Receivership Process

The Court appoints the receiver to manage the real properties, either verbally or in writing. The appointment is confirmed by a signed order at the time of the verbal order or later.

The Lawyer's Receivership Group will contact the parties to arrange an on-site meeting, real property tour, and obtain necessary access items like keys or codes. They will install a lockbox and perform a fair market analysis for the estimated sales price. The parties and their attorneys will be informed of the analysis. The receiver may provide a list of items to be removed from the real property before listing it.

The Lawyer's Receivership Group will take possession of the real property to manage, control, rent, lease, repair, improve, stage, sell, or take any necessary actions to obtain the best sale price.

Once the real property is ready for market, listing photos will be taken for marketing purposes. A residential checklist will be completed if the real property hasn't been listed on the Multiple Listing Services (MLS). The real property will be marketed on various real estate websites in accordance with location.

In the event of a sale, The Lawyer's Receivership Group will execute a contract for the purchase of the real property at fair market value. A Report of Pending Sale and Motion to Approve Sale will be filed with the Court for authorization.

Once the Court signs an [Agreed] Order on Report of Pending Sale and Motion to Approve Sale, the receiver will sell the real property, convey title, and execute necessary documents to transfer ownership to the purchasers.

After the real property is sold, The Lawyer's Receivership Group will file a Report of Sale with the Court for confirmation.

Once the Court signs an [Agreed] Order on Report of Sale, the receivership will generally terminate unless the net proceeds from the sale are held in the receiver's trust account. The net proceeds can be deposited into the Court's registry, an attorney's trust account, or The Lawyer's Receivership Group's trust account.


Charged Fees No Charge Fees

Communication between the parties and/or their respective attorneys that is outside the normal real estate agent capacity;

Drafting motions and orders outside the aforementioned Standard Receivership Process(5-8), including, but not limited to motions for enforcement, final accounts, and responses to motions;

Follow-up correspondence to establish communication;

Court appearance on hearings for motions; • Conducting an inventory of the items on the real property;

Visiting real property for exchange of personal items; • Expenses for Standard Receivership Process(3);

Executing closing documents; and

Court expenses, including, but not limited to, filing fees, court costs, delivery charges.

Touring the real property • Conducting a fair market analysis of the real property to determine its estimated sales price

Installing a lockbox on the real property

Installing a sign on the real property

Showing the real property to prospective buyers

Drafting listing agreements, contracts, and closing documents

Drafting Report of Pending Sale and Motion to Approve Sale; [Agreed] Order on Report of Pending Sale and Motion to Approve Sale; Report of Sale; and [Agreed] Order on Report of Sale

The receiver's hourly fees will be paid either at the closing of the real property or after the Court signs an [Agreed] Order on Report of Sale. These fees are based on hourly rates and are calculated by the time spent on your case by receivers, attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, administrators, and other members of The Lawyer's Receivership Group. The receiver’s typically bill at $300.00/hour and the administrator bills at $150.00/hour. The billing unit is one-tenth hour (six minutes), and time will be tracked and recorded in a time management software. The detailed breakdown of the billing units can be provided upon request, but it will also be submitted to the Court along with the Report of Sale.

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